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We value each and every partner and do our best to accommodate all of your needs. Your business is greatly appreciated. Please tell us a little about your business so we can provide you with the appropriate application forms. Select your category and kindly leave your contact details in the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.

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  • Pet Shop

    We see ourselves as a partner, not as a competitor. We would like to invite all pet shops category that carry cats & dogs product to become our valuable partner by giving out the best price that surely will help to grow your business with a little investment. Our house brand pet food comprise of 3 cat brands (McBeal, Mia Michel & Misha) and 3 dog brands (Minka, Monte & Michio).

  • Pet Store
  • OEM

    Launch your own brand now! We are here to help you! The comprehensive range of our dry & wet pet foods has been specially created to allow any new comer in this industry to enjoy the benefits of their own brand pet food. Tell us your requirements and we will customize for you. To speak to someone about starting your own brand please call 012-207 9816 or email

  • Pet Store
  • Retailers

    As a manufacturer, we are able to offer tremendous discounts due to the large volume we generate. Our advantages as a manufacturing factory give us ability to produce in wholesale quantity or any amount needed by the retailer or SME. We are offering you direct factory pricing that you will never find in other places! We look forward to serve you.

  • Pet Store