Food Technician

Job Description : –
Test and inspects products at various stages of production process and compiles and evalutes statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products by performing the following duties:
☑ to maintains and implement quality assurance objective complementary to corporate policies and goals
☑ to suggest or improve on quality engineering reviews of design documentation for compliance with stated requirements, including vendor quality manuals and company quality records
☑ to handle in all laboratory related works
☑ to handle to all customers’ complain / inquiries
☑ to review all data obtained during all quality assurance activities to ensure consistency with company policies and procedures
☑ to implement documentation system for QC department
☑ to handle in R & D related works
☑ to selects products for tests at specified stages in production process, and tests products for variety of qualities characteristics
☑ to monitor records of test data, applying statistical quality control procedures
☑ to handle the Halal related matters when required
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